Get involved

Get involved

Do you have a talent or skill you want to put to use, or just have some free time to share in order to build a new economy?



The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. is a key space that promotes a shared economy.
There are many different ways you can get involved and support this change with us. You can help out on a specific project or focus on specific tasks. If you don’t see something interesting below, just reach out to us and we can discuss any ideas you have about how you can help.

Within the possible tasks we always need staff working at the tool library:

  • Checking in and out the tools that people borrow,
  • Test & taggers
  • Marketing/media production guru (marketing, photography, videography)
  • Community event organisers (for workshops & social events)
  • Fundraiser heroes and
  • General casual volunteers

If you would like to help out but can’t commit to volunteering on a regular basis, do not be discouraged! There will always be times where we need a few extra hands for different things. Register as a casual volunteer, and we will notify you when we need a few extra people for different events and tasks. These will be a variety of things that we need help with, so you will be able to pick and choose to help out when you are available or if you have the necessary skills.

Please know there is a spot for you!

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Your time and talent will make a huge difference for our society


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