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Sabrina Chakori

Sabrina Chakori

[Published on New Economy Network Australia – May 26, 2017]

“It’s hard to talk about moving the world forward when so much energy is being expended just trying to keep it from sliding backward.” 

I’m 25 years old and I spent the last ten years of my life trying to fight against the environmental degradation. However, just in these last years, I realized that we are facing too much interlinked environmental and the social crises. Therefore, instead of adjusting one issue at the time, I understood that I needed to act at the root of all these problems changing our economic system.

Can we find better paths for our pursuit of well-being than the destructive model of growth-driven development? 

Altering the economic governance rules is challenging and it can lead to feel powerless due to the complexity of the current system. For this reason, in my journey, I decided to focus on two limited aspects. I spend my energy and time trying to change our consumptions patterns and highlighting the need of new index to measure our economic success.

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